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Pesonal Watercraft

We are Belassi

Belassi is unique in its specialization in personal watercrafts

Located in the engineering heart of Austria, Belassi looks back on a heritage of high performance products. The new state-of-the-art development centre in Linz lays the foundations for our own engine creation, product design and engineering.

Belassi Burrasca®

Benefits of becoming Belassi dealer


Representative of the unique PWC brand


Luxury segment with a special care of customer


Flexibility and constant growing


“Manufactur” and quality check of every product

Belassi Experience

You will be a part of an international company

Belassi is an Austrian manufacturer that wants to distribute its products all over the world. Thanks to the partnership with Belassi you can expand the visibility of your company.

High quality products, manufactured and supervised in Austria

The focus of product development was redirected to individualisation, hand-craftsmanship and valueing pure quality.

Unique design, corporate identity guidelines

A clear way of communicating: corporate identity is what Belassi wants consumers to perceive using their products.

Staff education, technical training

Strategies for effective training and education through training courses, technical material and sales support.

Belassi marketing programs, social media campaigns

Belassi has always been very active on the main social networks, through which it presents and illustrates the unique characteristics of its products.

Exclusive Belassi parts, merchandising

Belassi has incorporated the characteristics of elegance and performance of the brand into a sophisticated clothing: design and high quality materials are the main concepts of distinction and identification.

Internet systems and assistance


B2B shop, Belassi Partners Cloud, Merchandising Online shop.

Belassi makes available cloud-based services to its exclusive dealers, as a data exchange area
with technical information and marketing materials. Purchasing of PWCs and spare parts are
managed through Belassi B2B Shop with exclusive discounts for business partners.
Merchandising Online Shop presents a range of Belassi branded accessories and clothing.

Dealer requirements

Professional, experienced and business-minded

Becoming a part of our exclusive dealer network will guarantee you the advantage of dealing with a unique product in the PWC area: this is why we always rely on experienced and goal-oriented professionals.

Superior customer service

The goal of Belassi is the exceptional quality of its products and the high technology of its PWCs. Our dealers should ensure Belassi standards and provide professional after sales service.

Become a strong brand representative

Belassi is developing markets in different geographical areas that do not have official representation yet. Through our support, you have the opportunity to become a part of Belassi distributor network and get exclusive rights for a market.

Actively promote brand in the market area

The collaboration of our dealers is essential to make Belassi known and appreciated all over the world. Although we have decades of experience, the Belassi brand is a part of the top niche segment of the PWC market.

Continuous improvement and training

Belassi is always evolving, and so are its products. The need to maintain a constant training update is essential for our dealers.

Financial resources

The image of Belassi brand is essential for us, we work with companies that can guarantee high quality standards. Appropriate financial support for the project is necessary.

A thorough understanding of the market

Our dealers are companies with a strong nautical DNA, experts in the luxury and/ or marine sector, who offer the best support to Belassi customers.

Become a dealer or distributor



Im Südpark 183
4030 Linz – AUSTRIA


+43 732 249 251


Boot Düsseldorf
Hall 10 / A57


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